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RE: Jawe: Performers?

Hi Sasa,
I agree with you about the evidence that each activity (Route, Block and 
SubFlow apart) should have a performer.

The question arise because I use JaWE in conjunction with OBE workflow engine 
(www.openbusinessengine.org) and from what I've seen into the code, this 
engine consider *manual* each activity that has a performer... even if I 
declare it as System performed... it seems strange and actually it is (I'm 
waiting for a developers answer... but that mailing list is not as fast as 
this :-))

Since as I need to execute a java class as the activity performer... I must 
remove manually the performer tag, otherwise the engine doesn't do nothing.


-----Original Message-----
From: Sasa Bojanic [mailto:sasaboy@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: martedì 13 maggio 2003 10.01
To: jawe@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Jawe: Performers?

Hi Giuseppe,

You are right, JaWE assigns performer element to every activity of Generic 
type (Tool or No type, which have the same visual presentation), but it 
doesn't to the Block, Route and SubFlow type activities.
WfMC allows performer tag to be optional, but I think it is because of Route, 
SubFlow and Block type activities. 
I think that every Generic activity (Tool and No types) has to  be performed 
by someone (either human or machine), so there should be performer element 
for every Generic activity.
Your solution to manually remove performer tag, and then reload XPDL with 
JaWE will keep activity without performer until you move the activity within 
the graph, so this is not very helpful. 
Although I think that there is no need to create activity without performer, 
it will be able to do it with JaWE when we implement default (visual) 
When you put some activity into such participant, you will be able to edit 
its performer element to be some expression or to be empty.


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