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RE: Jawe: Important JaWE improvements

Great work,
but please, change the "free text expression partecipant" background color... 
because is the same gray of lines (connectors)... or it seems on my machine.


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From: Sasa Bojanic [mailto:sasaboy@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: martedì 20 maggio 2003 13.58
To: jawe@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Jawe: Important JaWE improvements


let me describe the latest JaWE improvements available at the CVS:

1. introduced the "free-text expression participant"
This participant is used to create activities which performer is some 
expression. When you put some generic activity into such participant, you can 
edit its performer field, and enter what ever you like (including nothing). 
Such activity will be written to XPDL with its performer field value equal to 
the one you entered, or if you didn't enter anything -> activity will not 
have a performer element written in XPDL.

2. changed mouse double-click use 
Now it opens the property dialog for selected item (previously it was used to 
enter process, subflow and block activity content).

3. introduced XPDL preview of graphs you've created
You can always switch to the XPDL view of the graphs you are creating. When 
you are at the "package level", you can see the whole package definition in 
exact form as it will be written to the XPDL when you save your document. 
When you are at the "process level", you can see the process definition part 
of XPDL as it will be written to the XPDL. And when you are at the "block 
activity level", you can see the definition of ActivitySet as it will be 
written to the XPDL.

Have anyone tried the LDAP feature of JaWE??? 
I think this is a great feature! One can connect the LDAP server of its 
organization and create processes using the real user logins for Ids. When 
such a process is enacted by the engine, the engine could also browse the 
LDAP server for the certain users, so you do not have to do participant->real 
user mapping. Also the engine could be realized such that it connects the 
LDAP server when user want to log in, to check it's username and password.

We would be very grateful if Harald and Gilles (or maybe someone else) could 
update the German and French property files. Also it would be great if 
someone can create the property files for other languages. The Huijun Yang 
started to implement Chinese property file, can we expect something soon???.


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