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Re: Jawe: Important JaWE improvements

Hi :-)

SB> Have anyone tried the LDAP feature of JaWE???
SB> I think this is a great feature! One can connect the LDAP server of its 
organization and create processes using the real user logins for Ids. When 
such a process is enacted by the engine, the
SB> engine could also browse the LDAP server for the certain users, so you do 
not have to do participant->real user mapping. Also the engine could be 
realized such that it connects the LDAP server
SB> when user want to log in, to check it's username and password.

I haven't try it yet, however what do you think about to use LDAP
server also for declarations of invoked applications? As I understand, 
workflow engine
offers some set of invoked applications and I would like to use it easy.
But it is not necessary to let XPDL editor to do these things,
Workflow engine could export declarations (and users) in XPDL as a
package and I can use it as external package.

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