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Jawe: Some JaWE improvments

here is the list of the latest changes available on CVS:
1. The user configuration file introduced
This file is put in .JaWE directory within userhome directory (c:\Document and Settings\user_name\.JaWE under Windows)   
You can control a bunch of JaWE features (mainly the visual ones).
2. Introduced mnemonics for the recent file list (The file .rfl representing the recent files is moved from userhome directory to userhome\.JaWE directory)
3. The dialog for checking connections is improved
4. The date/time for "created" property of process and package header is now in ISO-8061 format
5. Introduced arrows to change an item position within the lists (dragging is still available)
6. Fixed some bugs
7. Created ant build.xml file

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