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Jawe: JProcessEditor as Eclipse Plugin

 I was reviewing your toolset, and found it
 educational for workflow.  
 As a professional java programmer, I just wanted to
 comment that I think you would find even greater
 success by making this application Eclipse
 (www.eclipse.org) compatible as a plugin.  It may
 help reduce your code base, and allow you to add more
 robust features in the future.  Eclipse SWT model
allows for native look and feel (big plus), and for
developers like me, allow an organization to learn and
keep a single toolset.  A quick search on google for
"eclipse plugins" would provide you a wide range of
examples for doing visual component plugins, etc.
 As a big Eclipse fan, wanted to share that idea. 
Unfortuanately for me, most of my customers demand
single IDE environment like Eclipse, netbeans,
WebSphere, etc.  Leaves you stuck trying to build
anything around Workflow standards.
 Nice job.  

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