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Jawe: Re: Re: extended attributes

ahh - i see - thx

first of all let me say - great program - especially for a 1.0 !

maybe a feature request for a future release:

isn't it in the XPDL definition [pls correct me if i'm wrong - as i said i'm quite new to XPDL + XML], that in an Extrended Attribute anything can happen - it's vendor specific [like here it's used to control xforms - which can be very useful]

so maybe a freeform textfield to put in all the extra stuff you can put into Extended Attributes would be quite useful ?

or is the XML code i posted not correct XPDL ?


Hi Stefan,

JaWE reads only "simple" part of extended attributes, which means only
"name" and "value" attributes of ExtendedAttribute tag. Also, with JaWE you can set ext. attributes. for elements that supports it, but these attributes
can have just its name and value.


----- Original Message -----
From: "stefan brunner" <stb@xxxxxx>
To: <JaWE@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 12:01 PM
Subject: Jawe: extended attributes

> helo .
> i try to edit some existing workflows with the JaWE and i did wonder if
> it supports the import of exented attributes ?
> when i have an original XPDL file saying e.g.:
>   <Applications>
>      <Application Id="WebForm">
>        <Description>Bearbeitung einer Aktivit?t ?ber ein
> Web-Formular</Description>
>        <ExtendedAttributes>
>          <ExtendedAttribute Name="Implementation">
>            <vx:ToolAgent Class="de.danet.an.webform.Submitter"
> Execution="SYNCHR" XMLParameterMode="USE_W3C_DOM">
>              <vx:Property Name="Form">
>                <wf:form-data
> xmlns:wf="http://www.an.danet.de/2002/WebForm";;>
>                  <wf:layout>
>                    <i>Eingabefelder</i>
>                  </wf:layout>
>                </wf:form-data>
>              </vx:Property>
>            </vx:ToolAgent>
>          </ExtendedAttribute>
>        </ExtendedAttributes>
>      </Application>
>    </Applications>

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