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RE: Jawe: JaWE

Hi Deloris!

No, you are not missing anything becouse JaWE isn't web enabled application.

BTW, we will release a new vesion of JaWE very soon (for 3-4 days). There
will be a new features like:
- checking of Graph Conformance
- GUI configurabile options
- graphical output (JPG and SVG)
- "Complex" extended attributes
- XML schema validation
- startup parameters and so on...


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From: jawe-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:jawe-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of
Deloris Chappell
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 17:00
To: jawe@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Jawe: JaWE

I recently downloaded a copy of your workflow editor.  I would like to
confirm as to whether or not the workflow editor is a web enabled
application.  I cannot find anything in the documentation concerning this
and I want to be sure I am not missing anything.


re=lativity, inc.
1720 south caraway road
jonesboro, ar 72401   Deloris Chappell
senior development engineer
voice: 870.802.emc2
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