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Jawe: relative referencing of external packages

You can get the newest JaWE changes from CVS.
From now, when referencing external packages from the 'main' package, the file references to these packages will be written relative to the 'main' package's file. Because of that, you will not be able to reference external packages until you save the 'main' package.
When you perform 'Save As' operation, the relative paths are recalculated and set to match to the new position of 'main' package's file.
If there are some cross-references between the 'main' and some of referenced packages (or referenced packages of referenced packages, and so on ...), and you want to perform 'Save As' operation, you will be warned.
Although the external packages paths are now written relatively to the 'main' package's file, JaWE can read the documents with absolute external package's paths.
Also, there are some little improvements like tooltips for configuration dialog color fields.

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