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Jawe: Re: error while opening the Business_Example.xpdl

I suppose that you are using the JaWE1.1 version. JaWE1.1 is expecting that  external package's file references are given as absolute paths (e.g. c:\test\Participant_Repository.xpdl), or if they are given as relative paths, they had to be relative to the directory where the JaWE is started from.
So, try to manually edit Business_Example.xpdl, and to properly set the external package's file paths (you should also edit Process_Repository.xpdl external packages).
In the Business example that comes with JaWE1.1, external package's file paths are intentionally written relative to the directory where run.bat/run.sh originates, so you could see the example without manually editing external packages. You have probably placed Business example files to some other location, or you've started JaWE from some other location.
The newest CVS version of JaWE is handling external package's file references as paths relative to the main package (although JaWE will correctly read external packages given as absolute paths).
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From: Philip Lee
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 4:32 PM
Subject: Jawe: error while opening the Business_Example.xpdl

I get error while opening the Business_Example.xpdl file Error opening the file, file cant be open. I found that it is at ExternalPackages.java inside fromXML(Node node) method while opening three external files.

Participant_Repository.xpdl, Application_Repository.xpdl,Process_Repository.xpdl

Any idea why? And is because this error we can't see external entities inside toolbar as posted by someone before? In opposite to this if I creat few  new xpdls  as repository and then  import them inside new xpdl file and save it, then I can see them inside the toolbar next time when I open the xpdl file.


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