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Jawe: Some bug fixes

The following bugs are corrected in CVS version of JaWE:
1. When you create an ext. attrib. as follows:
            Some text
    it was saved correctly, but when JaWE opens the saved document, the "Some text" is cut off.
2. When "drawing" a transition with the mouse the multiple lines were visible as you move the mouse
We also noticed that the JaWE has a problem with Java 1.4.2 under W2K. If you leave default color settings, and try to select a group of activities, or to connect two activities, the screen becomes corrupted. We found that there is something wrong with interpretation of SystemColors. You can solve this problem if you replace every SystemColor definition with it's RGB notation in the config dialog (just click on color button to open the dialog and then close it).
The same problem does not exist when using Java 1.4.2 under Linux.
Sorry for inconvenience that might have been caused by the bug no. 1.

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