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Jawe: Re: ActivitySet and BlockActivity

the process can contain collection of activity sets. Every activity set within the collection has the unique id in its process scope (or we may say within its ActivitySets collection).
Activity which type is BlockActivity references the Activity Set through the "BlockId" attribute of BlockActivity element. This BlockId attribute has the same value as the "Id" attribute of referenced activity set element.
In JaWE, the ActivitySet is connected to exactly one activity of type BlockActivity - there can't be two activities of type BlockActivity referencing the same ActivitySet (this is our interpretation of WfMC specification).
There is an error in WfMC's document. It is written that id attribute of ActivitySet element is used to identify the workflow process. The same is written in the description of WorkflowProcess element, and this was probably just copy/paste. 
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Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 11:40 AM
Subject: Jawe: ActivitySet and BlockActivity

Please help me to understand how an ActivitySet is linked to a BlockActivity in an XPDL. Because the attribute id in ActivitySet refers to the id of WorkflowProcess. I don't find any relation between an ActivitySet and a BlockActivity from the XPDL schema.
Thanks in advance.

Vaibhav P

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