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RE: Misleading exclamation marks in success messages!!!

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Good Day JaWE Folks,
I've been using JaWE to prepare some sample workflows for distribution with the Open Business Engine (http://www.openbusinessengine.org), and I have a couple of suggestions to make:
- I found the style of using triple exclamation marks with success messages somewhat misleading and unnecessary.  The presence of an exclamation mark is generally associated with some surprising or unexpected condition that the user should be particularly aware of, usually requiring attention and manual resolution.  Using exclamation marks to report success causes 'cognitive dissonance' and makes the user worry that they've done something wrong.  Triple exclamation marks are rude and unnecessary, and when used in an error report it's like shouting at the user: "Look at this stupid mistake you've made, you idiot human!!!".  I'd like to suggest that in the case of an error or warning a single exclamation mark be used, and that the normal and success messages be terminated normally with a full stop.
- I found it disturbing that JaWE wouldn't let me save an XPDL package that contained errors, even after having set the PublicationStatus field to "UNDER_REVISION".  The purpose of that element value is to indicate work-in-progress, which may well be incomplete.  Forcing the user to correct all the errors before you permit them to save their work is perceived unhelpful and obstructive by the user.  I'd like to suggest that you allow packages which are UNDER_REVISION to be saved even if they contain errors.  An XPDL engine should refuse to instantiate such a workflow anyway, so there's no danger in this approach.

Adrian Price
Technical Director
Zaplet, Inc.
Office [UK]: +44 [0]1903 215284
E-Mail: aprice@xxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.zaplet.com

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