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Re: [jawe] Data Types

you have to do following:
DataType dt=fp.get("DataType");
Object choosenType=dt.get("Type").toValue();
String subTypeName="";
if (choosenType instanceof BasicType) {
if the FormalParameter is defined as in your example, you should get "INTEGER" for the subTypeName variable value.
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Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 10:46 AM
Subject: [jawe] Data Types

Hi all, I'm developing a code generator from XPDL using Jawe as frontend to access xpdl informations.
How can I reach the information about the Basic Type of a formal parameter?
Example of XPDL file:
<FormalParameter Id="n" Index="n" Mode="IN">
  <BasicType Type="INTEGER" />
I create an object of type FormalParameter, then with FormalParameter.get("DataType") method I extract the object Datatype. The how I extract the information about parameter type, in the example INTEGER?
Is this the right procedure?

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