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Re: [jawe] JaWE´s Participants Handling

Title: Looping in Jawe
I think that one part of your problem (inserting participants using toolbar icon without showing participant dialog), can be solved inside:    
method. Here, instead of doing:
    // show dialog for entering initial participant data
    Window w=graph.getEditor().getWindow();
    XMLElementDialog de=new XMLElementDialog((JDialog)w,
you could just create parUO object, and fill its Id, name and type with required one, i.e.:
    parUO.set("Name","Default system participant");
    ParticipantType pt=(ParticipantType)parUO.get("ParticipantType");
(Hope I didn't make any mistake above).
Here, you could also check if there are SYSTEM participants already.
But, this does not solve your problem if you are creating participant using Participants property dialog (where you can really create or delete participants, and put it into graph).
Maybe here the solution for you would be to set appropriate Participants object "read-only", by using its setReadOnly() method.
I'm not awared if all of this could case problems to some other part of JaWE - you can try it!
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Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 8:02 PM
Subject: [jawe] JaWE´s Participants Handling


Hi Sasa,

Hello @all JaWE users,


Is there a possibility to change JaWE participants handling. Everytime the JaWE-user creates a new process two things are done:


1)       A “freetextparticipant” is added and can’t be deleted, because he is used when the user adds an generic activity that hasn’t any performer

2)       Before the user is able to add an activity, there must be a Performer, a “kind of container for the activity”.


Ok! Until now, I see no problem ;) …


If we suppose now that there is only one possible ParticipantType, the Participant “System”, how can I force JaWE to add the participant SYSTEM automatically into the ProcessEditor without showing the “participant Type Dialog”. The user shall not be able to add another participant type than SYSTEM or to use two SYSTEM participants in one Process definition, because the Workflow to design contains no human performers but only one System!


How would you implement this? By changing the insert..() methods of WorkflowManager.java, or by restricting the possible participant types declared in ParticipantType.java?? Or, perhaps, it isn’t very intelligent to change this, because this change could easily disturb other functionalities of JaWE?


Thank you for helping,


Best regards,


            Stephan Radermacher









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