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Help with Jawe modelling a process


I am new to Jawe and I've got some VERY basic questions that I haven't be 
able to solve with the documentation. I know is pretty basic stuff but I am 
struggling and can't find a way to make a working procces :_(.

1- My first doubt is how to make the dialogue box where you can add values to 
procces variables in the Worklist management (Enhydra). I have checked the 
sample packages but can't find why is not working for me. The dialogue 
appears empty so I can't enter any value. I've defined some variables at a 
procces level in the Workflow relevant data tab. In the activity I've 
introduced the variable that I want to use. What I am doing wrong?

2- My second doubt is in the way I am modelling the process I want to make. I 
want that a participant to introduce some data (string) which then is 
validated by another participant. If this data is right it needs to enter 
more data but if it is wrong it goes to the first step. My process is:

Start -> Route Activity -> Enter data <-> check data (wrong <-) if data is 
right -> ...

I've introduce the Route Activity because the first activity can't have to 
incoming transitions. Is this approach right?

I know this is basic stuff but I come from a very different angle, Lotus 
notes and I am having many problems.

Many thanks to all at the list and sorry for my spelling mistakes

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