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Re: [jawe] Applications question

to find out if application is defined at process or package level, and to get Package/WorkflowProcess name attribute value, you can following:
boolean processApplication=false;
Applications apps=(Applications)app.getCollection();
XMLComplexElement pkgOrProc=apps.getOwner();
if (pkgOrProc instanceof WorkflowProcess) {
String pkgOrProcName=pkgOrProc.get("Name").toString();
to find out if application is defined in current or in external package, you can do following:
boolean isFromCurrentPkg=true;
Package appPkg=app.getPackage();
if (!appPkg.equals(curPkg)) {
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Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 10:36 AM
Subject: [jawe] Applications question

Hi all, there is a way to know where an Application is declared?
It is to say: an Application could be declared at the Package Level (between <Package> tags), at the Process level (between <Process> tags) or in an external package (between <ExternalPackage> tags).
I have the object Application in my code, there is a method to retrieve the level of declaration and, in that case, to extract the name of the Package or the Process in which it is declared?

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