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Re: [jawe] Web service

Hi Sasa,

Sasa Bojanic schrieb am 29.04.2004 um 14:49 Uhr CEST

> I again don't understand what do you actually need?
> If you want to define that some XPDL activity executes some WEB
> service, you should write a WEBService tool agent based on Shark's
> tool agent interface (we have some version of SoapToolAgent, but it is
> not public yet - we didn't test it and adjust it to new shark
> interfaces), and map the XPDL application definition to this tool
> agent.

That would be just "perfect" once you find the time to publish it. -:)

Peter Niederlag
http://www.niekom.de * Typo3 und EDV-Dienstleistungen *
http://www.clown-goli.de * Clown-Comedy-Jonglage-Animation *

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