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Re: [shark] JaWE problem


currently, JaWE considers end activities to be the ones without outgoing
transition (in current JaWE, this means the ones connected to the End
The message that JaWE displays warns you that you are violiting this
principle by trying to promote an activity into the ending one, and it
already has an outgoing transition defined.
In the next JaWE release, we'll remove the Start/End bubbles, and thus there
will be no need to connect activities without outgoing transitions to End


P.S. could you please post (pure) JaWE related questions to JaWE's mailing

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Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 4:38 PM
Subject: [shark] JaWE problem


I'd like to model an exit as a 2nd transition from an activity in the middle
of an existing workflow to a 2nd "End" bubble.
JaWE says: "The last activity can't have outgoing transitions except the one
toward the end !!!"

However I am editing in the middle of the workflow.
if I put a dummy route activity in front of the 2nd End bubble, no error is

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