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Start/End bubbles


regarding start/end bubbles:

We had some discussions here about this topic and it seems that most
of our developers would rather prefer the start/end bubbles to stay.
Furthermore it would be interesting to make them also usable with
start activities that have incoming transitions (if not possible, this
could be overcome by connection route activities in between), as well 
as for providing exits and activities that have outgoing transitions.

Hence I would like to suggest making the start/end bubbles optional by
means of changing them to act like a specialized form of route activity,
just having different graphical representation and blocking off any
incoming transitions (for Start) or outgoing transitions (for End) 

So I think this would at least allow for easily modelling multiple exits
(thus, multiple ends). Without End bubbles, it probably might be confusing
do determine between an exit that has been put in intentionally and some
end that has been left open erratically.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
   / Best Regards,
Ing. Peter Wagner
BM.I Support Unit ZMR
Tel: +43 1 31346 39159

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From: Sasa Bojanic [mailto:sasaboy@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2004 22:36
To: shark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: jawe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [shark] JaWE problem


currently, JaWE considers end activities to be the ones without outgoing
transition (in current JaWE, this means the ones connected to the End
The message that JaWE displays warns you that you are violiting this
principle by trying to promote an activity into the ending one, and it
already has an outgoing transition defined.
In the next JaWE release, we'll remove the Start/End bubbles, and thus there
will be no need to connect activities without outgoing transitions to End


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