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Re: [jawe] Start/End bubbles

Sasa Bojanic wrote:

I think that introducing special route activity represented by bubbles would 
be an overcome - one more activity to execute without
any need.
If being represented as a bubble is the only "special" thing about the start-/end-route activities, this seems like a fine solution.

Actually, introducing a noop start activity is what we (WfMOpen/WfMCore users) do if the "real" start activity has an incoming transition because it is part of a loop. Often, however, it shows that some initial actions can also be performed in the start activity. So by not restricting this activity to a route activity, we can execute intial processing steps in the start activity (like loop counter initialization ;-) ).

How about this for JaWE: (1) start- and end-activities are created as regular activities with a (JaWe-)editor property of being start- or end- activities. (2) Due to this property being set, the activities are displayed differently and have default names "start" and "end". (3) Again due to this property (which can be cleared in case something has e.g. to be appended to an end activity after all) the editor does not allow creation of incoming transitions for start-activities and outgoing transitions of end-activities. (4) The requirement to use start- and end-activities in order to get a successful verification should be made an option which defaults to "no" if XPDL is opened that has not been created by JaWE (if created by JaWE, the value is explicitly set in an extended attribute) and has a default value for new processes that can be specified in the user's preferences.

This would support both people who want to have resp. do not need start- and end-activities while providing maximum compatibility with run-time engines as well as other editors. The JaWE documentation should make it perfectly clear that these start- and end- activities require the same processing time like any other activity of the chosen type (i.e. minimum the time of a route activity).

- Michael

(Don't know about you, but I think we'll do it like this in our editor.)

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