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Re: [jawe] Start/End bubbles


Can you explain me the difference among our Start/End bubbles (that are after 
all written as ext. attributes), and extended
attributes you are mentioning? The only difference I see is that we make our 
ext. attributes visually by putting Start/End bubbles,
and you would do it in some activity's property dialog?
In my opinion, the only thing that current JaWE is missing is item 4) (the 
use of start/end bubbles during verification), and this
is something we should implement.


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From: "Michael N. Lipp" <mnl@xxxxxx>
To: <jawe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: [jawe] Start/End bubbles

> Sasa Bojanic wrote:
> >I think that introducing special route activity represented by bubbles 
> >would be an overcome - one more activity to execute
> >any need.
> >
> >
> If being represented as a bubble is the only "special" thing about the
> start-/end-route activities, this seems like a fine solution.
> Actually, introducing a noop start activity is what we (WfMOpen/WfMCore
> users) do if the "real" start activity has an incoming transition
> because it is part of a loop. Often, however, it shows that some initial
> actions can also be performed in the start activity. So by not
> restricting this activity to a route activity, we can execute intial
> processing steps in the start activity (like loop counter initialization
> ;-) ).
> How about this for JaWE: (1) start- and end-activities are created as
> regular activities with a (JaWe-)editor property of being start- or end-
> activities. (2) Due to this property being set, the activities are
> displayed differently and have default names "start" and "end". (3)
> Again due to this property (which can be cleared in case something has
> e.g. to be appended to an end activity after all) the editor does not
> allow creation of incoming transitions for start-activities and outgoing
> transitions of end-activities. (4) The requirement to use start- and
> end-activities in order to get a successful verification should be made
> an option which defaults to "no" if XPDL is opened that has not been
> created by JaWE (if created by JaWE, the value is explicitly set in an
> extended attribute) and has a default value for new processes that can
> be specified in the user's preferences.
> This would support both people who want to have resp. do not need start-
> and end-activities while providing maximum compatibility with run-time
> engines as well as other editors. The JaWE documentation should make it
> perfectly clear that these start- and end- activities require the same
> processing time like any other activity of the chosen type (i.e. minimum
> the time of a route activity).
>  - Michael
> (Don't know about you, but I think we'll do it like this in our editor.)


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