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Re: [jawe] Start/End bubbles

Sasa Bojanic wrote:

Can you explain me the difference among our Start/End bubbles (that are after 
all written as ext. attributes), and extended
attributes you are mentioning? The only difference I see is that we make our 
ext. attributes visually by putting Start/End bubbles,
and you would do it in some activity's property dialog?

Afaik, start- and end-bubbles in JaWE are currently extended attributes *only*, i.e. there are no corresponding activity instances in the process description. My understanding of the proposition being discussed here recently was to make start- and end-bubbles "real" activities (route activities, to be precise) in the process description that are "marked" by some extended attribute as representing start- and end-bubbles.

All I'm saying is that, if you do this, I wouldn't restrict the start- and end-bubbles to being represented by route activities only; rather I'd let the user choose which kind of activity he wants (just as with any other activity). So effectively, being a start- or end-bubble becomes a display (and editing restriction and verification) property of an activity. This extended (JaWE) property will, of course, be ignored by other editors. Still, looking at the process description using a different editor, or looking at some run-time display of a process' activities states, the user has a good chance to recognize the intended start- and end-activities by their names (currently, the start- and end-bubbles from JaWE -- being extended attributes *only* -- are completely ignored and thus not displayed at all by other editors or status displays). The costs for this being, of course, that there are additional start- and end-activities to be executed at run-time (though these are neglectable costs, if the activities actually have an implementation, or only little costs, if the activities are of type route activity).

- Michael

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