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Re: [shark] Re: JaWE question


you are right - it would be much easier if JaWE would somehow display the
list of FormalParameter types and order in dialog for entering
ActualParameters , but currently we have no time to implement it (we'll be
added in our TODO list). Meanwhile, I suppose that you've noticed that you
can get application FormalParameters from the same dialog where you enter
Regarding predefined ext. attribs, again I agree. We could add some
configuration parameters or something, where one could enter the names of
Ext. attribs. to be offered in combo box.


P.S. could you please post (pure) JaWE related questions to JaWE's mailing

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From: "David Forslund" <dwf@xxxxxxxx>
To: "Shark" <shark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, May 22, 2004 8:38 PM
Subject: [shark] Re: JaWE question

When I create an application with JaWE and then use it in an activity, it
forces me to know
the order of the arguments.  Why can't JaWE fill in the known arguments
rquired by the application
rather than giving me an "exam" on whether I remember how I defined the
application.  Since I
can't have the application open at the same time I use it in an activity,
this seems like a
needless test.  The computer knows what is needed, but won't tell me except
by telling me
that my "guess" is wrong.   It would be a great help if this requirement
could be relaxed

In a related issue, it would be nice if it had built in choices in some
cases for what is required in ExtendedAttibutes, so that I again to have to
rely on my typing to get things right.




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