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condition element

some minor issue (using jawe cvs20040506):

in jawe it is possible to choose the type of a condition of 5 choices for
activity postcondition:

Default exception

however, default for new activities is "Condition" selected, but if nothing
else is entered, no condition is created in xpdl
but if type <empty> is chosen and an expression is entered, a Condition
element is created without the attribute type and that expression inside:
what does that do in shark? i´m not sure but think this attribute is
optional (it doesn´t say in the xml schema) so it´s valid xml schema ...

maybe it would be more clear, if default preselection is <empty> instead of
Condition and if <empty> is selected, no expression is accepted, but if
anything else is selected, an expression must be given?

> - mfG Mag. Stefan Ohrhallinger             -o)
> Bundesministerium für Inneres              /\\
> Support-Unit ZMR, Tel: +43 1 31346 39162  _\_v

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