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Re: [jawe] Some very basic questions regardin jawe.


Many thanks for your answers :-). you are absolutely right, the first thing
is to have a clear idea of what I really want. I have experience with Lotus
Notes  in  which  you  have  all  the elements you need to make a powerfull
workflow  engine  including  the  document  management. Now I am facing big
trouble  trying  to  define  a Workflow management system. My problems come
from my background as a Lotus Notes developer.
I  have  some very basic doubts, as you can read in my questions, about how
to  design this system. Jawe is a great tool for designing workflows. It is
easy, powerful and it creates the definition in a standard format, XPDL.

In  Lotus  Notes the workflow data, including the data used by the workflow
engine  and  the external data used in the workflow (for example documents,
pictures,  etc),  is  keept  inside  the  Lotus  Notes Database so when the
workflow ends you have a document with all this data.Very simple.

Now  I  am facing the problem that I don't know how to maintain the control
data  (where  is  this  data  stored? in XPDL?). I Am going to use Mysql to
maintain  the  Workflow  relevant data. I also don't know where to save the
data  of  finished workflow instances. Imagine I want to be able to know in
which dates an activity had finished after a workflow is finished.

I know my questions are out of scope of this mail list but I am really lost
:-/. I need to change my way of thinking and that is quite hard.

Thanks for everything and keep on with your fantastic work!!!!

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> Hi,
> I  am  quite new to Jawe and have some questions regarding how Jawe
> manages the data. I prefer to give an example of what I want.
> I  want  a  very  simple process where at some stage a participant needs
> to introduce  a  binary file, for example a text file. Can I describe
> any kind of external data at a package or Process level?. I assume this
> data must be saved  in an external application. Can I define that this
> data is neccesary for an activity to finish?.
> To  be  honest I am a little lost with the external/internal data in
> Jawe : -/.
> Many thanks, I think Jawe is a top editor!


I think that your problem is mostly the problem of organizing how all the
system will work (the document management part, the workflow engine that
will be used, the worklisthandler application, ...) and then you should
know how to write XPDLs.
JaWE has nothing to do with some external data, it just writes XPDL
definitions which will be interpreted by the engine. As I know, you can't
generally set in XPDL that activity can be finished only if some data
exists or it is set to some particular value (in some engines, you can
maybe do it by using some particular ToolAgent and ExtendedAttributes).
You could redefine your XPDL, and instead of saying that activity can't
finish if some variable is not set, you can write transition conditions
that will not allow to go further if some variable doesn't have some
particular value.

Thanks for the kind words,

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