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Re: [jawe] making it work!

I suppose that you are using beta1 version of shark. If you get beta2 version, or even better current CVS version, you'll see that shark is changed a lot. Now, there are no so called stored procedures, but shark supports ToolAgent concept.
You should still be able to use your calculator class (probably by modifying it a little bit and using it through JavaClassToolAgent), and there is a class for sending mails also. In current CVS version, there is also MailToolAgent.
Please read some documentation that is comming with beta2, and there are also some documentation on shark's home page http://shark.objectweb.org/doc/index.html.
P.S. Please post shark related questions to Shark's mailing list.
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Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 12:32 PM
Subject: [jawe] making it work!

Hello list,
I am a new user of Jawe and Shark engine
I quite appreciate the magnitude of work that has been done and I am especially enthused by the possibility of writing store procedures/applications for an activity of the process to execute.
So far in my evaluation of Jawe and Shark for this purpose, I have written a simple calculator class in java and it's sweet that the (shark engine) executes the activity containing the procedure well.
However, when I tried to step this up a little by making my stored procedure to send an email to someone, I get no meaningful result.
Instead the Shark server returns error about the mail.jar api that the store procedure class uses to send the mail.
What I did to make the process work well
I added the mail.jar which is the one Library api that the class uses to the C:/Shark-1.0/lib but I still get the error that it cannot find the api (javax.mail.)
My questions
1.What am I doing wrong? someone to pls point this out for me.
2. If I write a store procedure that needs to reference a library api (*.jar) where do I put the api file in the shark engine directory to make the store procedure able to reference the api when it is executing.
3.What is the diference between a stored procedure and an application and at what point of process modelling is each best utilized.
Pls I will appreciate response from everyone and probably links to sites or documentations that can facilitate my understanding about this subject.
I thank you all in advance and expect to hear from you today.
Yours truly,

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