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Harald Meister's JaWE improvements


We want to thank to one of the JaWE users (we can consider him developer 
now), Harald Meister from Abacus, for his great
This is the list of the main improvements he sent:
    - implemented feature to move the selected participants up or down in the 
    - implemented feature for overview dialog when it is resized, to adjust 
graph picture size
    - implemented feature when you click at some graph section in overview 
dialog, the graph is scrolled to this point
    - improved JaWE to snap to grid when moving an existing activity, and the 
grid is ON

he also send some bug fixes, and improvements related to JaWE's visual 

Beside Harald's work, the JaWE's bug to always have a default undo action 
when you enter the graph is fixed.

You can find all of this improvements in current JaWE's CVS version.


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