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CVS Update

Hi all,

JaWE CVS is just updated, and here is a list of new features, improvements 
and changes:

- in File->Configuration->General, user can configure JaWE if he wants to use 
Start/End bubbles or not. If bubbles aren't used,
possible start/end activities are colored differently.
- in File->Configuration->User interface, user can configure JaWE if he wants 
names appearing in Process and Activity boxes to be
displayed in multiple lines, and if so, he can choose if names should be 
wrapped at word or character boundaries
- in File->Configuration->General, user can choose which encoding to use for 
handling XPDLs (default is UTF-8) - THIS FEATURE IS NOT
- if using start/end bubbles, there is possibility to tell JaWE to 
automatically add start/end bubbles for whole package, particular
process or block activity
- viewing of FormalParameters when editing actual ones
- added possibility to change order of elements in table (i.e. formal params, 
- The ending activities are now considered the ones without outgoing 
transitions, and the ones that have only "EXCEPTION" and
"DEFAULTEXCEPTION" outgoing transitions (previously only the ones without 
outgoing transitions were considered ending)
- Removed user defined activity properties
- unnecessary exclamation marks in JaWE messages are replaced with a full 
- allowed saving of invalid package if it is under revision (previously, it 
was allowed only if package is under test)
- coloring table rows depending on element's owner (i.e. when viewing 
Participants from process level, the process level defined
participants have white background, the package and external package level 
have gray background, and the special "Expression
participant" has orange background)
- Implemented: focusing of table element when pressing "Define" button in 
XMLComboButtonPanel - the element selected in combo will
be selected and focused in the table

We would appreciate very much if guys that translated JaWE to other languages 
(Harald Meister - German, Pedro Morón - Spanish,
Gilles Melon - French and Jakub Nadolny - Polish) or maybe someone else, 
could translate some new JaWE messages (all entries in
property files that need to be translated are marked with #Missing 
Translation -> , and after that follows the entry and appropriate
English message).

Also, it would be great if someone who needs JaWE to work with different 
encoding than UTF-8 (like Chinese guys) can try to use
JaWE's new Encoding configuration to setup JaWE to work with their specific 

JaWE 1.3 should be released soon (when we update documentation, and perform 
some more tests), so we would appreciate if you can send
us some BUG reports, or ideas how to improve JaWE - of course we can't do 
large JaWE modifications, but the minor ones that could
help users to be more comfortable with JaWE.


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