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Re: [jawe] condition ordering (was: Update : Problem with validation !!!)


I agree that it would be better that engine evaluates otherwise condition 
after all others, and it probably does not make any sense
this way.
What spec. say is:

"... The decision as to which single transition route is selected is 
dependent on the conditions of each individual transition as
they are evaluated in the sequence specified in the list. If an unconditional 
Transition is evaluated or transition with condition
OTHERWISE this ends the list evaluation..."

From this text, I've concluded that the position of OTHERWISE condition in 
XOR split matters (for AND splits it explicitly states
that position of OTHERWISE transition does not matter - it is always 
considered the last one).

I would rather reconsider to implement different OTHERWISE transition 
calculation in shark engine (even if breaking the spec., which
probably doesn't have sense here) than to change JaWE to sort it 

There is one argument against changing anything: if you have multiple 
outgoing transition in XOR split, the order of evaluation
should be important (because more that one transition condition could be 
satisfied), and XPDL creator should take care of it, and
while doing this, he can also put the OTHERWISE condition at the end of the 


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Subject: RE: [jawe] condition ordering (was: Update : Problem with validation 


oh yeah - that's why I still would like the otherwise condition being
evaluated at last. I understand it is against the specs when sorting
is performend in the engine.

However would it be possible to help the XPDL designer in JaWE to accomodate
an appropriate default ordering - in other words: Could JaWe automatically
move a transition to the end of the list if "otherwise" is selected, in
order to avoid  "unreachable conditions"?


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From: Sasa Bojanic [mailto:sasaboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [jawe] Update : Problem with validation !!!

You had to change the order of transition re-evaluation. In your XPDL, 
otherwise transition that goes to activity b that will be
evaluated first, and process flow will always go to activity b. To change 
this, open property dialog of activity a, go to
Postcondition tab, and switch the order in "Select target activity" list.



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