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CVS Update


cvs is just updated with following changes:

- combo-box size now depends on the max. length of items displayed within it
- improved setup.exe: if you type "make distributions", and after that 
install JaWE using newly generated jawe-1.3-1.setup.exe from
distribution folder, this JaWE version will be able to open XPDLs by 
double-clicking it even if there are spaces in the path to the
file (Peter Wagner's remark).
- bug fixes:
        - JaWE couldn't handle XPDL files, which name contains some 
language-specific characters (Harald Meister's fix)
        - bug that prevented seeing of Activity's Tool properties from ext. 
        - bug that prevented saving changes to Transition's ext. attribs. if 
edited from Activity's Postcondition tab
        - bug that allowed entrance of improper Transition Idif edited from 
Activity's Postcondition tab
        - bug that allowed editing of activity's Tool definition's selected 
application of read only entity (in ext. pkgs).


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