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Proposed Feature requests

Title: Proposed Feature requests


I've been using JaWE for about a week now. Overall, the tool is very nice for simple workflow diagraming and I see a lot of potential value in this tool.

I would find JaWE more valuable if it did the following:

1.   Output BPEL also.   BPEL looks like it supports B2B functionality that XPDL does not have support for.
2.   Allow the user to create subfolders, so a user can organize their processes logically.
3.   Allow the user to move the processes around, so they can be organized as the user wishes instead of in the order that they were created.

4.   The "self-routed" transition arrow doesn't work very well.  It would be valuable if I could actually adjust them after putting them in place.  ( You can look at how Visio behaves and try to emulate that behaviour )

5.   It would be nice if the "route activity" was a diamond instead of a box, so it is very clear where the decision points are.  Also, out going transitions should be labelled in the diagram using its Name field so it is easy to distinguish what the logic is.

6.   Also, for the process, I would prefer to have the default behaviour of a double click to be "bring up the flow diagram associated with it" and not "bring up the properties associated with it".  Perhaps if you can distinguish between double-click and a highlight and a click to allow the user to change the name of the process, then this would be nice.

7. I would like the full Name Text to be shown in activity boxes.
8. I would like the full Name Text to be shown in the participant swim lanes.

You may want to look at Visio and iGrafx to see how their look and feel are implemented  (ie. how the actual drawing of transitions and snapping into place feel, and how the adjusting of already defined transitions feel...)  This might help in eliminating some of the rough edges.

Otherwise, I feel the tool is very useful.  Keep up the good work!


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