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RFE: Dialog Refresh Behaviour - Retain Active Tab

Dear JaWE,

I just upgraded to JaWE 1.3, and noticed several welcome improvements,
including that first-level dialogs are now no longer modal.  For
example, with the Activity Properties dialog open, if you click on a
different activity the dialog is automatically refreshed to reflect the
newly selected activity.

I have a suggestion for a further usability enhancement: it would be
nice if the active tab did not change as one clicks from item to item -
as it is, JaWE automatically reactivates the 'General' tab every time
you select a different activity.  Typically one will wish to make
separate passes through the workflow to design or review separate
concerns, and it is annoying to have manually re-select the specific tab
of interest whenever you change activity.  One of the well-established
principles of good user interface design is: "Thou shalt not change the
focus programmatically" (unless of course a change in focus is implicit
in the particular command in question).


Adrian Price

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