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Apply commitment-oriented model to Jawe

 Greetings from Chile.
 We are developing a commitment-oriented workflow management system
and we are using Jawe as our design tool.

 We work with 4 stages inside an activity. This 4 stages are:
- preparation.
- negotiation.
- performance.
- acceptance.

This stages represents 4 embbebed-activities inside the node. They are
internal to it.
 We are using the XPDL standard, and we are using this stages like

The problem is:
 ¿How we can handle 4 activities(the 4 stages) inside the node, and
still are in corformity with the XPDL definition?

At the moment, we are creating 4 activities inside an Activity, in the
constructor (we create a new class called Estacion)
 preparacion = new Activity();
  and the rest...

The point is ¿How do we link the activies with transitions? 
When we select XPLD VIEW, we don't see the internal transitions in the
text ¿why? ¿something related with toXML() method?

Thanks everybody for all.

www.actiontech.com/about_us/ABIM.html (link related with 4 the stages)

Germán González
Cristian Peredo
Harold Fritz

"El camino del cielo es saber vencer sin combatir"

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