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facilitate writing XPDLs

hi all,

I use JaWE 1.4 build 1 (java web start from http://jawe.objectweb.org)

here are my questions about JaWE :

a) Is it possible to display _line_numbers_ when editing some properties ? 
(ie : like editing extended attributes of an application) 

  => i use JaWE with Shark Workflow engine and when i got an error/bug in a 
(Bsh)ToolAgent (actually Java source code in an extended attribute of an XPDL 
     Shark return the error/bug line number.

b) Is it possible to duplicate (copy/paste) an application (with an 
appropriate update of the application_id of course..) ?

  => some applications are so close and a re-writing of formal-parameters or 
others parameters take a lot of time... 

c) Is it ok that JaWE didn't keep the "External references" of an external 
package ?

   I got a package A wich reference(depends on) an external package B.
   The package B contains an external reference (a type declaration).
   When i edit the package A i didn't retrieve type declaration of package B 
(ie. when specifying formal parameters of an application).
   Maybe the copy of this type declaration is the only way (functionnal 

thanks again for this powerfull tool.

Best regards

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