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Re: [jawe] facilitate writing XPDLs


a) good idea!
b) it is not possible, but I agree it can be very useful
c) copying of TypeDeclaration is currently the only way to do it, because 
according to the spec., TypeDeclarations are not imported
from ext. package. Of course, JaWE's (and Shark's) validation could be 
improved to support it.

Thanks for the ideas!

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From: <brice.vandeputte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <jawe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 9:45 AM
Subject: [jawe] facilitate writing XPDLs

> hi all,
> I use JaWE 1.4 build 1 (java web start from http://jawe.objectweb.org)
> here are my questions about JaWE :
> a) Is it possible to display _line_numbers_ when editing some properties ? 
> (ie : like editing extended attributes of an
>   => i use JaWE with Shark Workflow engine and when i got an error/bug in a 
> (Bsh)ToolAgent (actually Java source code in an
extended attribute of an XPDL application),
>      Shark return the error/bug line number.
> b) Is it possible to duplicate (copy/paste) an application (with an 
> appropriate update of the application_id of course..) ?
>   => some applications are so close and a re-writing of formal-parameters 
> or others parameters take a lot of time...
> c) Is it ok that JaWE didn't keep the "External references" of an external 
> package ?
>    I got a package A wich reference(depends on) an external package B.
>    The package B contains an external reference (a type declaration).
>    When i edit the package A i didn't retrieve type declaration of package 
> B (ie. when specifying formal parameters of an
>    Maybe the copy of this type declaration is the only way (functionnal 
> level).
> thanks again for this powerfull tool.
> Best regards
> Brice


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