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Re: [jawe] JAWE Tutorial

Actually is very strigth forward the JAWE. 
First, you can read the BPM documents at bpmi.org
there are 2 documents, the introducction and the hole definition of
bpmn and all its parents/brothers/sisters & sibilings. I recommend you
to read the introduction for a better undestanding of the jawe
tutorial and also this whill give you an idea WHAT is JAWE.

For using jawe, the first thing you must do is to click at the file
menu, then "new", and a new dialog will popup. Place anything at the
ID, you will later know that thas is the name of you package, and
there you are. Now you can access all the tools of the jawe, first I
suggest to play with the particants, then define a process and later
start to model a process between 2 participants...

Learn the diference beweet subflow and blockactivitiens and then u are
done... :)

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 12:10:26 -0600, rhalz007@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<rhalz007@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have looked through both the JAWE tutorial and the JAWE manual and I have
> yet to find a straight-forward list of things to do in order to create a
> JAWE process model. Is there any kind of cookbook example out there ?

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