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Feature requests for process diagrams

I don't know if this is really the right place to make feature
requests, and I realize you are short of resources, but, for the
record, it would be helpful if:

- Conditions were drawn next to transitions on diagrams.

- There was some visual cue to show AND splits and Joins.

I think that seeing the ANDs and the conditions is important
for understanding the flow when looking at a process diagram.

BTW, Jawe is very usable and useful. I'm adding a WFMC-based
workflow engine to Zope and I expect that lots of Zope users
will use Jawe to develop their process models.


Jim Fulton           mailto:jim@xxxxxxxx       Python Powered!
CTO                  (540) 361-1714            http://www.python.org
Zope Corporation     http://www.zope.com       http://www.zope.org

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