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CVS Update - 050112


JaWE CVS is just updated:

# Implemented: possibility to manage XPDL files through WfMC Wf-XML interface 
(shark with Wf-XML capabilities is coming soon). You
can contact an engine that supports such interface through the SOAP, and get 
the list of XPDL process definitions and download,
upload or update definition directly on engine

# Implemented: possibility to change transition source/target activity by 
dragging transition's start/end point to another activity.

# Improved: the transition is being painted with thicker line when it has an 

# Improved: the transition is being painted with different colors for 
different XPDL transition types (CONDITION, OTHERWISE,
EXCEPTION, DEFAULTEXCEPTION). You can setup desired colors from JaWE's 
Configuration dialog.

# Improved: if activity has AND Join/Split it is shown differently

We think that these new improvements will greatly help users when creating 
XPDLs with JaWE.

NOTE: if you have a conflict during CVS update (with version.properties 
file), delete the 'conflict' file from your disk, and update

NOTE: JaWE still has an memory leak. To give more memory to JaWE, just modify 
run script from the output, and set larger value for
the -Xmx java propery

As always, to build JaWE out of CVS sources, just call configure, and after 
that make script.


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