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Re: [jawe] Feature requests for process diagrams

Sasa Bojanic wrote:
Hi Jim,

thanks for your useful suggestions.
We just updated CVS with a version that shows activities differently if they 
have AND Split/Join (and with some additional

I noticed. Thanks!

Regarding conditions, I think that the graph would look ugly if you have too 
long condition text, but maybe in the future we'll
include it as an option.

I'm probably revealing my ignorance of xpdl, but since the specification 
seem to specify a condition-expression syntax, I'm teding to keep exceptions
*very* simple. Generally, I go with boolean variables set by applications,
so my conditions (e.g. "published") tend to be short and descriptive.

> Currently, you can see conditions as a tooltips when you position mouse 
over transition.

Right, but that doesn't help when I print out a diagram or add a diagram
to a Wiki page to communicate with a customer.

My goal is that someone can look at a color image and understand the gist
of the flow.  IMO, this isn't really practical if the conditions aren't

At least an option to show them would be greatly appreciated.

I'm aware that showing conditions opens a small can of worms. In
particular, once you show conditions, people will want to be able
to drag the condition text around to position it relative to the
transition line to improve readability.

Also, new CVS
update paints the transition line thicker if it is conditional transition.

This is definately a step forward. I look forward to trying it out.



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