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Re: [jawe] CVS Update - 050112

An instructions to access the jawe cvs? 
I was using the lastest version of jawe with yellowdog linux 3.1 in a
mac g3 ibook.
Yesterday I updated to yellowdog 4.0 and now jawe is no longer
running, even I use the same java version...
So, i´m thinking about compiling jawe, since is one of our core 

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:01:57 +0100, Sasa Bojanic <sasaboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> Hi,
> JaWE CVS is just updated:
> # Implemented: possibility to manage XPDL files through WfMC Wf-XML 
> interface (shark with Wf-XML capabilities is coming soon). You
> can contact an engine that supports such interface through the SOAP, and 
> get the list of XPDL process definitions and download,
> upload or update definition directly on engine
> # Implemented: possibility to change transition source/target activity by 
> dragging transition's start/end point to another activity.
> # Improved: the transition is being painted with thicker line when it has 
> an condition
> # Improved: the transition is being painted with different colors for 
> different XPDL transition types (CONDITION, OTHERWISE,
> EXCEPTION, DEFAULTEXCEPTION). You can setup desired colors from JaWE's 
> Configuration dialog.
> # Improved: if activity has AND Join/Split it is shown differently
> We think that these new improvements will greatly help users when creating 
> XPDLs with JaWE.
> NOTE: if you have a conflict during CVS update (with version.properties 
> file), delete the 'conflict' file from your disk, and update
> again
> NOTE: JaWE still has an memory leak. To give more memory to JaWE, just 
> modify run script from the output, and set larger value for
> the -Xmx java propery
> As always, to build JaWE out of CVS sources, just call configure, and after 
> that make script.
> Greetings,
> Sasa.
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