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JaWE 1.4.2 released!

Hi all,

JaWE 1.4.2 is just released, and you can download it from


and you can read the change log here


The CVS version is also changed.

Since the last CVS update, there has been some changes:

# Implemented: copying of transitions when they are bound to activities - 
great contribution by Harald Meister

# Changed: added basic http authentication for WfXML support
# Fixed: when after selecting many activities in the process, and exiting to 
the package level, you wanted to edit the process
again - JaWE failed
# Fixed: transitions and activities now have unique Ids in workflow context 
(previously, activities and transitions defined inside
block could have the same Ids as the ones defined directly in the 
WorkflowProcess or in some other block) - we must thank to Harald
Meister for noticing this.


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