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Re: [jawe] Terminating an Activity

> Is there any way to automatically terminate an activity that may already 
> appear in a worklist?
> As an example I may have 2 activities that appear in a worklist - B and C.  
> For some reason I may need to action C only if B has not been actioned (in 
> which case both C and then B are actioned) but if B is done before C, C is 
> terminated and removed from the worklist without user interaction (only B 
> is actioned).  This type of case assumes runtime priority and cannot be 
> designed in.

What you refer to is the "deferred choice pattern"
(http://is.tm.tue.nl/research/patterns/deferred_choice.htm). It is not
supported by XPDL and can therefore not be specified directly in JaWE.
The WfMOpen workflow engine (http://wfmopen.sf.net) supports it via an
extended attribute (as others may also do, but I only know this one).

 - Michael

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