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best practice for modelling "for loop"


i'm new to jawe, completed the tutorial, but i don't know an answer to the 
i have a workflow, that checks 4 subdirectories (under one main directory), 
- if they have the correct name
- if they contain the right files (checks file-extensions)

i don't know, how to model this "best practise" conform.

one aproach would be, to simply use one step, that does all this work.
but i don't think, this is a good aproach.

i would prefer one step, that gets
- the name of the subdirectory
- the filextensions to check
as parameters and call this step 4 times.

how would you suggest to model this?
can i put the 4 strings in an array, an give the 2 steps (check subdirectory 
and files) one parameter from the array, 
every time the steps are executet - this in a loop. that runns 4 times?

should i use f.e. a formal parameter, that starts at 4 and decrements every 
step and use
this parameter as index of my array?
is this possible to model, or do i need to implement this in a java module?


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