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Re: [jawe] best practice for modelling "for loop"


the solution depends on what you want, and on the engine you are using.
If you are using Shark engine, I don't think you need a loop. You can define 
a String variable where user will enter the name of the
main directory and one String variable where user will enter the extension. 
After that, you should have automatic activity with a
tool agent that will read these variables and will do a required check. You 
should write this tool agent by your own, so it can
check any number of subdirectories.
Your XPDL application should have only two formal parameters (the directory 
name and file extension), and if you want to use shark
without ApplicationMapping API, it should also have some extended attributes 
that specify the fully qualified Java class name of
your custom tool agent. If you use ApplicationMapping API, you don't need 
extended attributes, but you must provide appropriate
mapping from XPDL application to the concrete tool agent class before running 
your process.


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Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 5:41 PM
Subject: [jawe] best practice for modelling "for loop"

> hi,
> i'm new to jawe, completed the tutorial, but i don't know an answer to the 
> question:
> i have a workflow, that checks 4 subdirectories (under one main directory),
> - if they have the correct name
> - if they contain the right files (checks file-extensions)
> i don't know, how to model this "best practise" conform.
> one aproach would be, to simply use one step, that does all this work.
> but i don't think, this is a good aproach.
> i would prefer one step, that gets
> - the name of the subdirectory
> - the filextensions to check
> as parameters and call this step 4 times.
> how would you suggest to model this?
> can i put the 4 strings in an array, an give the 2 steps (check 
> subdirectory and files) one parameter from the array,
> every time the steps are executet - this in a loop. that runns 4 times?
> should i use f.e. a formal parameter, that starts at 4 and decrements every 
> step and use
> this parameter as index of my array?
> is this possible to model, or do i need to implement this in a java module?
> thx
> -hannes


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