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RE: [jawe] Process Diagrams

i think, this would be a great feature too!
i have some process modells and want to change them to blocks or subflows later,
without having to modify the xpdl manually.

From: stefan.maric@xxxxxx [mailto:stefan.maric@xxxxxx]
Sent: Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2005 11:34
To: jawe@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [jawe] Process Diagrams

Have just started playing with Jawe


If I rough out my processes - mostly Generic Activities

When I review these, some of them need breaking down into sub-Flow or Block type activities


So it would be good to be able to right click on an activity & have an option to change the type –

Ie NOT having to cut/replace edit the name/description etc


Or have I missed this feature



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