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Customizing jawe


We have a few questions here relative to jawe.
We plan to use xpdl/shark as our wf engine. We would like
to know if it is possible to customize jawe. We would like
to add a set of predefined action to the wf designing interface,
in the toolbox (like send mail, move document, aso). Those actions
would have specific properties editor and should be recognized at
xpdl load time (with, for example, an extendedattribute).

Any hint on how to do it? If we need to modify a bit of jawe's code
so to make it more modular (in the sense any programmer can add custom 
actions, all
based on the standrad xpdl actions of course, it's just a matter of visual 
is there a chance this code goes in CVS (assuming it follows any programming 
rules of jawe team)?

Jawe is great, but not easy to use for lambda users, we are seeking on 
improvement of this part.
Also, is ther anything related to this *already* planned?

Thanks for information.

David Delbecq
Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?

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