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improvement suggestion: plain text edit function right within JaWe

I would like to to suggest something what would  really help me a lot in editin *.xpdl files.

Jawe is a grea editor ....but quite often I edit directly the file in plain editor like notepad.exe.
(I use notepad++)

But I like that JaWe does some basic validation.
I would like to be able to combine the validation with my plain text editing quickly.

so maybe

if you can make current XPDL view tab not a viewer-only but an editor
and add to menu line "validate"... that would be nice...


I think many people do it like me (edit xpdl directly in plain text)  and might agree with this sugestion.
Let's do as a list community also some voting..
So people in the list who agree with this idea, please, reply to this post "I would appreciate something like this too... "

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