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AW: [jawe] Building Jawe from CVS

Hi Walter !

JaWE 2.0 does not have its own automated build procedure because the build of 
the binary community release we make available for public download is part of 
our commercial product builds. Of course you can build JaWE with e.g. 
Eclipse...the sources of JaWE are complete.

If you have special adoption needs we would be happy to offer you our 
commercial services for Enhydra.org projects.


Alfred Madl

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Walter Mourão [mailto:walter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Bereitgestellt: Freitag, 24. März 2006 13:40
Bereitgestellt in: JaWE
Unterhaltung: [jawe] Building Jawe from CVS
Betreff: [jawe] Building Jawe from CVS

Hi folks, 
I downloaded the Jawe cvs snapshot but I didn't find a configure.bat or

How to build Jawe from scratch ?

Thanks in advance,

Walter Itamar Mourão - Diretor de Tecnologia e Projetos - Arcadian S/A

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