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inserting existing participants in workflow process does not work anymore with jawe 2.0


In jawe 1.4, when you had to add existing participants imported from an
external package to a workflow process, you simply had to show the list
of participants, and for each participant you needed click on 'show' to
add it to workflow process. This has been changed and seems to make it
impossible for us to use jawe 2.0 (TWE) to design workflow process. All
i could find is a icon labeled 'Insert existing participant in the
graph'. When you click on it, you get a list of participants in a
dropdown. This dropdown has neither details on participants, neither a
scroll bar for long lists. However, as we imported the whole list of
company users, roles, we have a list of a few hundred participants
imported, only the about 60 first of them are showed. When in contrario
going to 'external packages' -> 'Participants' menu, we indeed get a
browseable list of of participant, but no 'show' button like it was in
the past.

I used the lastest available JaWe doc as reference:

I attached the a screen copy of my participant list and a visual result
of the dropdow. I used latest TWE comunity version according to webstart

My question is, is there another way to add participants using the gui
or will i be forced to switch back to jawe 1.4?

David Delbecq

PS: I did cross-post to Shark Mailing list as it seems far more active
than Jawe one and those both product are related.

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