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CVS depots just disappeared!


I am using the cvs version of Shark and Jawe here, mainly because of
various home made fixes (for jawe) and because there were add-ons in CVS
not yet in released which fixed various oracle performances problems
(for shark). However, since today, it seems those 2 depots have been
abruptly removed from objectweb, without any annoucement, without
leaving a track on CVS repository. Am using anonymous cvs access to
those both tools provided by object web.

What happened? Did they move? If yes, where? Is it a manipulation error
leading to destruction of repository? Does objectweb currently have
technical problems? If yes, it seems there are located on jawe/shark
only (i tried other objectweb projects like JonAs and dods with
success). Is together going to leave objectweb?

Please provide follow-up.

David Delbecq

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